I have always been making pictures. As a small girl in Sweden, I remember my nanny giving me a horse's head drawn by her little sister. I admired it deeply. "She is twelve years old", my babysitter comforted me, "When you are her age, you will be able to create something as good". From that day on, I trained hard in drawing horses and eventually became quite good at it.

Drawing was a way for me to visualize my imaginary friends, as well as making friends with real life people. After high school I went to art college and later on did some freelance work as an illustrator, but I never took it any further than that. Like often, trying to make a living from what you love, is a good way to kill your passion…

Tody I live and work in Paris, France. Karin Crona Smudge is my latest adventure. It came from some murky November thoughts that I managed to turn into the expression of a fun and crazy inner fantasy world. Soon came the idea to translate ink drawings into linocut prints (a long lost love of mine). That's where I am today. To support my project and help it develop, you can buy my pictures. I got plenty of ideas coming up: books, t-shirts, more prints… Everything pretty and made with care !

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